Wet cellphone survival guide

Accidents happen and, as far as smartphones and other electronic gadgets are concerned, one of the worst things that can happen is to spill or submerge it in water. Water is conductive and can quickly make its way into your device causing short circuits and, in the long term, corrosion. Extensive water damage will often result in loss of some, if not all, functionality and require expensive repair or replacement.

While I can’t promise you that the following guide guarantees that you will be able to salvage your phone, tablet or other device, it will certainly increase your odds.

  1. Power off the device and remove the battery. Don’t think! Don’t hesitate! The longer power is supplied to the device with water inside, the greater the chance of a short circuit.
  2. If it’s a smartphone – remove your SIM card and memory card.
  3. Pat the exposed surfaces dry with a towel, napkin, etc…
  4. Find a vacuum as quickly as you can and work the nozzle over and around every seam and opening for at least 10 minutes. Be careful to keep the nozzle far enough away from your device not to scratch it. Be thorough. DO NOT use a hair dryer. A hair dryer can potentially force liquids further into the device.
  5. Pour 2-4 cups of uncooked rice into a bag and put your phone or device inside for at least 24 hours. Rice will absorb any remaining moisture that may still be resting inside your device. You can wrap your device in a paper towel before placing it in the bag if your prefer.
  6. Reinsert the battery and test your device.

Good luck!