Locked out of BIOS?

When you service computers for a living you come across all types of issues. Some trickier than others. Point of fact, I often get laptops and desktops into the shop because clients have accidentally locked themselves out of BIOS, forgotten a BIOS admin password they’ve set or a second-hand machine they’ve purchased with a locked BIOS. Most users never even boot into BIOS so, typically this isn’t a critical issue for them. However, should you ever need to access your BIOS and find yourself locked out (forgotten password, fingerprint, etc…) you may be able to bypass the BIOS password.

Years ago, the process was rather simple. You simply had to remove power to the unit, crack open the computer and remove the pill battery from the motherboard. This would clear all BIOS/CMOS settings and you were good to go. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in most newer computers.

BIOS Password Recovery

So I’ll share a trade secret with you – one that I’ve used on numerous occasions. Dogbert. I don’t know WHO Dogbert is but I can tell you what he is…he is a bit of a genius. He runs a blog on which he hosts BIOS backdoor scripts you can download and use to ferret out BIOS passwords or clear them altogether. To put things in perspective, if you were locked out of BIOS and needed to get in, your only recourse would be to contact your computer manufacturer. They can help you bypass your BIOS security but this is a service they generally charge $50-$150 for.

So if your BIOS is password protected and you need to get in or if you are a computer service tech looking for viable tools to add to your arsenal, check out Dogbert’s Blog at: http://dogber1.blogspot.ca/2009/05/table-of-reverse-engineered-bios.html.

And if his info and scripts help, please help support his great work by donating a few dollars!